Hi and thanks for wanting to join this unique Co-op and become part of the fantastic Invest in Cumbria Alliance movement.

Can't tell you how excited we are about this project, breaking into new territory, linking investors and communities for mutual benefit.

Together we've got a chance to change how businesses and government engage with local businesses and ordinary people in a way that both sides win. As part of the Invest in Cumbria movement your business will get its say to help investors develop their social value plans and in the process help your community with much needed cash for wellbeing projects and to create new jobs, working for the Co-op!



We don't think there is much not to like here but as our journey unfolds if there are any ways you can help, or ideas you would like to share, then please get in touch.

In the meantime we really look forward to working both with you and on your behalf to help build Cumbria back better.

Quentin - Founder Member

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Ok the formal bit.

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